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World Stroke Day
October 10, 2019

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February, 2020

National Wear Red Day
February 7, 2020

Elkhart Go Red for Women Luncheon Day
February 20, 2020

South Bend Go Red for Women Luncheon
May 7, 2019


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Sharing My Stroke Experience With You

Barb Knutson

"If we can avoid one stroke, save one life or keep one more family intact it is worth the effort."

Barb Knutson was a fit, 48-year-old physical therapist with a young family when she suffered a severe stroke in the middle of the night, robbing her of her ability to speak and leaving her with significant paralysis on her right side.

The stroke also left her family searching for help and answers during her recovery. That’s why we created this website as an informational resource — the kind we would have benefitted from immediately following Barb’s stroke.

Every stroke situation is different. Therefore, it is important that you consult medical professionals as to what is the best road for your recovery. But by sharing Barb and her family’s stroke experience and the resources we discovered, we hope to be able to help others facing similar hurdles.

It turned out that Barb suffered an Ischemic Stroke/CVA (Cerebrovascular Accident) that was caused by an unstable coagulation in her left carotid artery that released plaque, cutting off blood flow to the brain. She’s made remarkable progress since that night, but not without a lot of hard work and wonderful assistance.

BBF Core Values:
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Preparing for 2020

BBF Vision 2020

We look forward to working with the American Heart Association and other related organizations that we support.
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WNDU 2009 Segment


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WNDU 2013 Segment

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TCAR For Stroke


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Go Red Luncheon

BBF Chairs HBOT Roundtable at IU School of Medicine

The BBF are advocates for mainstreaming this valuable therapy for those in need. Read about our "HBOT Roundtable with IU School of Medicine" and the results of Barb's HBOT Case study.

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About The BCenter

The Bcenter is a Global Stroke Resource center created to reach fellow stroke survivors worldwide in need of hope and direction. Our desire is to empower, support and light the path to recovery.


HBOT For Stroke

As illustrated in this story from Fox 13 in Tampa Bay, Fla., hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a noninvasive and painless treatment used for restoring oxygen to tissues that have been damaged by oxygen deprivation.

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Spot A Stroke F.A.S.T.

Stroke warning signs and symptoms. Learn more at Stroke Warning Signs.


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Valerie Green : Conquring StroneConquering Stroke Book

Barb met with Valerie Greene, author of the book “Conquering Stroke: How I Fought My Way Back and How You Can Too.” Valerie’s book is an inspiring and eye-opening story that uses details of her own recovery to help you prevent, recognize and recover from a stroke.

You can purchase a copy of "Conquering Stroke" from