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Getting Your Stroke House in Order

Financial (Benefits/Legal) – We suggest that you get a benefits attorney to review your medical insurance coverage. No one truly knows the extent of their benefits until you need them so get a professional to do this and you will be able to manage your medical coverage and expense expectations for the future effectively.

Resources (Family/Medical) – Don’t be shy to reach out to family and friends for support. At times it is hard to make that call. … yet you need them, so simply ask tor their help. You will find that most are genuinely happy to assist.

From a medical standpoint, learn all you can. There is so much information on the Web to compare diagnoses and treatments. Work with doctors and therapists who you can relate to. There are so many you will need for the duration of your treatment. Work with ones that you like and trust.

Care Management – As stated in the Stroke Rehab Management / Game Plan section, “let nothing slip through the cracks.” Trust us, if you had a significant stroke you are going to need help. Don’t think that you can “John Wayne it” or do it on your own. Take advantage of your resources. For that matter, call us. We can relate and are pleased to share our experience.


Valerie Green : Conquring StroneConquering Stroke

Barb met with Valerie Greene, author of the book “Conquering Stroke: How I Fought My Way Back and How You Can Too.” Valerie’s book is an inspiring and eye-opening story that uses details of her own recovery to help you prevent, recognize and recover from a stroke.

You can purchase a copy of "Conquering Stroke" from


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